Spay & Neuter ANGEL DAY Memphis, TN!!!

On July 23rd the SUFP Foundation Spay & Neuter ANGEL DAY initiative spayed and neutered 25 more pit bull type dogs in Memphis, TN! This clinic was hosted by our friends at Spay Memphis.
This month ANGEL DAY happened in Minneapolis Save A Bull and Memphis, next month we are heading back to New York Dix A Bull then onto Lafayette, LA Spay Nation.
The SUFP Foundation fully funds these surgeries all over the country all year round which helps humans and hippos in many underserved communities.
Since 85% of all dogs in US Shelters are labeled pit bull “type” dogs, spaying and neutering has become very much a part of SUFP’s mission. We all have got to make preventing unwanted litters a priority if we ever expect to see real change. Shelters are full nationwide, innocent perfect beings are being killed daily and people are still buying dogs. We have to do better and one real easy way to do that is by supporting spay and neuter efforts and never buying dogs.
Please consider donating to the @standupforpitsfoundation ANGEL DAY initiative and/or research low cost clinics and efforts in your area and get involved. Millions of lives are depending on it. Thank you.
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