SUFP helps save 9 puppies and mama in Dallas TX!

This morning we received an update on the 9 babies of sweet Rosie who were all rescued from a high kill shelter in Dallas TX by @loveandpawsrescue. We sent then a $2000.00 Angel Grant to help cover the care of all 10 of them and we are thrilled to hear they are all doing very well! We thank @loveandpawsrescue for the update and will certainly help network all the puppies and their precious mom Rosie when they are ready.
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FROM @loveandpawsrescue
Update on Rosie and her babies! They are now about 2.5 weeks old and doing very well. All of their eyes have opened and though they still have respiratory infections due to the fact that they can’t have antibiotics, they’re still thriving and feeling much better. I’ve attached some pictures of the puppies!
Maddie Love
Love & Paws
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