Comedian Rebecca Corry Stands Up for Pit Bulls

To the Rescue is a column about visionary animal advocates.

Rebecca Corry has long had a knack for improving the lives of others. As a comedian, she has traveled the country bringing laughter to clubs and theaters. But 11 years ago she decided to extend that natural ability towards a group often marginalized and misunderstood — “Pit Bulls.” Inspired by Angel, a “pibble” she adopted, Corry started the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull-type dogs through education and advocacy. “Comedy and entertainment — that’s my passion,” she says. “But my purpose in life is saving dogs. And somehow I have managed to combine the two.”

SUFP’s hosts live events and comedy shows to raise funds and awareness, sponsors free Pit Bull-type dog spay/neuter clinics for underserved communities, organizes donation drives for shelters in need of supplies, awards Angel Grants to rescue


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