Spay & Neuter ANGEL DAY 2022 starts April 2nd!!

Spay & Neuter ANGEL DAY is the only national pit bull type dog spay & neuter initiative of it’s kind. Angel Day has helped thousands of humans and velvet hippos in underserved communities, pit bull type dogs in shelters with no resources and countless other dogs. Spaying and neutering is VITAL to lowering shelter intake and kill numbers. Just one unaltered female and her offspring if left unfixed can produce an estimated 67,000 unwanted dogs over a six year period. Since 85% of all dogs in US shelters are labeled pit bull “type” dogs, it’s imperative we make spaying and neutering these type of dogs a priority.
If you are a 501c3 rescue and host a spay & neuter clinic in your area or if you are a mobile unit or facility, please email and let us know how many pit bull type dogs you can do, what the cost is and what that cost includes. We are looking to add many more states to our list this year.
PREVENTION is key. If it hurts you to see dogs languishing and being murdered in shelters then make supporting spay & neuter your priority. Saving them all is not realistic but preventing unwanted dogs from ending up in shelters, in the wrong hands or on the street is by spaying and neutering. Be a part of the solution by supporting spay & neuter. Thank you!
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