ERNIE is another 2022 SUFP HOPE CAMPAIGN inherently good soul being featured in hopes that rescues around the country as well as adopters will take on and adopt victims of abuse, neglect and dogfighting. These amazing dogs continue to prove that while they have been horrifically victimized by the evils of humanity, their spirits cannot be broken. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation contributed $20,000.00 to help cover the care of the over 108 survivors in Bark Nation’s care and remain committed to telling their stories because they matter and deserve loving dedicated homes just like all dogs do. Please read more about the beautiful ERNIE below and also follow and support the great work Bark Nation is doing for survivors. Thank you to Mike Ruiz for once again donating your time and talents to SUFP Hope Campaign. These photos are exceptional and capture their beautiful souls.
Ok, we know what you’re thinking. How can one dog be THAT cute?! Trust us – we have asked ourselves that same question every single day since November 16th, when we first laid eyes on this chunky buckskin dog with the squishiest face we’ve ever seen. Sweet Ernie is a volunteer favorite at our #pitnessprotection shelter. He is everything we want people to think of when they think of survivors of dogfighting. Ernie is brave and resilient. He LOVES cuddling with his people. He loves his snacks and he loves his toys. This kid is everything that’s right with the world, and how lucky are we to be able to share him with you?! Ernie’s past life was a life full of pain and loneliness. There are no winners in dogfighting – only victims. We are so happy that Ernie is now spending his days with us, and the best is yet to come for him in his #lifeafterdogfighting! We are looking for a foster, adopter, or transfer placement for Ernie. Please email with inquiries!
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