Cameron wins!!!

A volunteer named Kelly from the Brownstown Animal Shelter in MI reached out to us about this precious soul named Cameron who was out of time. Not only was he out of time, he was made “rescue only” which means he could not be adopted to the public. Only a rescue organization could pull him. Kelly and other volunteers love him so much and were devastated that he would die in the shelter. So we shared him and asked you all to do the same and once again this community of AMAZING human beings did exactly that in a massive way. All the attention caught the eye of East Coast Bull Dog Rescue in Pittsburgh and then @the_home_of_bullies stepped up to foster him. Cameron, now named Johnny Cash is alive today and will get his much deserved chance at happily ever after. We cannot thank Kelly and all shelter volunteers enough for showing unwanted shelter animals love and respect and for fighting so hard to save their lives. We thank the rescue who saw a need and took immediate action and to @the_home_of_bullies for fostering. Fostering is vital to saving lives. And once again we thank all of you who used your platforms for good. Because you shared, Cameron was seen and saved. Contact the rescue directly if you’re interested in adopting Johnny Cash and please take a moment to celebrate another life being saved because you cared.
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