65 more pit bull type dogs spayed & neutered in Arizona in loving memory of Angel for ANGEL DAY!

One of the best ways to clear the shelters is by preventing unwanted dogs from entering them to begin with. Last week another 65 pit bull type dogs were spayed & neutered in loving memory of our Angel! Huge thanks to the good humans who took advantage of the opportunity and did right by their dogs, our friends at @povertyspets for hosting and to all of you who support all we do to end abuse, discrimination and save the lives of pit bull type dogs.
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What an honor to host the Stand Up For Pits Foundation national Angel Day initiative!  This week, with our friends One Love Arizona, 65 hippos were sterilized, all funded by the Stand Up For Pits Foundation. Today was the absolute best use of our time and resources.  30 pit bull type hippos were sterilized.  Spay and neuter is the ONLY way to empty out our shelters and to prevent dogs from being born to suffer.  Well done team!  You build it, and they will come!  Lets do this again.
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