106 dogs mostly pit bull type dogs rescued once again from the evils of humanity. Dogfighting is an epidemic in this country and being done by all kinds of subhumans in communities nationwide. Law enforcement cannot end the horrors of this cruelty alone and rely on members of society to report something if they see or suspect something. Read the below article and if you’re able to contact the rescues who took these poor babies on and offer support, please do. Thank you to the rescues for stepping up for these survivors. They deserve a chance at life because they were all born inherently good. The two legged types who do this to dogs are who is dangerous and evil.
“PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. – More than 100 dogs were rescued and a Paulding County man was arrested after busting a massive dog fighting operation this week. “Some of the dogs were emaciated, while others were strong and extremely aggressive toward other dogs,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “The sad part is that the vast majority of these animals just craved the love and attention of the deputies and detectives that were on the scene.” The sheriff’s office went on to describe that most of the dogs outside were found tied to trees and metal stobs, and showed signs they were not being provided proper food and water. “These animals were tied to various things using large and extremely heavy logging chains and thick collars,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Many of these dogs were basically left in the elements with little to no shelter for days on end.
The dogs were taken in by various rescue facilities where they can be rehabilitated. Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc., East Paulding Animal Hospital, New Hope Animal Hospital, Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue, Hiram Animal Hospital, Cedarcrest Animal Hospital, Frank Ortiz of the Cedarcrest Animal Hospital, Jessica Rock of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia, and Steve Hammond, Director of Cobb County Animal Control all helped step up to assist with the dog’s rescue.”