We could not be happier for this precious soul and we are honored to have been a part of her journey.
We saw Maggie May sitting in the hell hole that is @sbcountyanimalcare with traumatic injuries and no interest. We shared her and asked you all to do the same and within one day she had gone viral. While we were putting a plan to get her to safety and get her wounds treated, the shelter recklessly adopted her out to a member of the public unfixed. Thankfully Maggie was returned the next day and our friends at @underdogheroes_ were able to act fast and rescue her same day.
We funded all the care she needed, she’s healed up and now she is a loving home. We want to thank all those who offered to foster Maggie, @madimarie did and all of you who shared her and donated. Huge thanks to her amazing new mom and dad for adopting this little velvet nugget and to Shoshi for springing into action for her and showing her kindness, love and respect for the first time in her life.
Saving these dogs is a massive group effort and frankly what is happening to them is a broken society issue. These dogs are not disposable toys, they feel pain and experience trauma just like the two legged types who insist on victimizing them. For all of you who wanted Maggie May, there are countless Maggie’s sitting in shelters nationwide desperate to be seen and saved. Please consider being a hero to one of them. Adopt responsibly and for life. Allow time for the dog to decompress, heal, slowly learn who they and how to trust. If you’re not able to adopt then please reach out to your local rescue and become an approved foster. Things are dire and innocent being like Maggie are being killed every day.
But today please celebrate this win and be proud of the part you played in saving her beautiful life. We are told Maggie will have her own IG page and we will be getting another update later today that we will share with you all. HAPPY LIFE MS. MAGGIE MAY!!!