30 more pit bull type dogs got spayed & neutered in MEMPHIS, TN in loving memory of our Angel!!! Our national Spay & Neuter Angel Day initiative continues to help good humans and our inherently perfect velvet hippos by fully funding the cost of spays and neuters. This effort has also saved the lives of dogs who came in the for procedure but other serious medical issues were found and fixed. Today we have been made aware of another dog in need of more medical attention and we will be covering that cost as well. We want to thank all of you who donate, attend Stand Up For Pits events and support spay & neuter efforts of any kind whenever and wherever you can. This is vital and desperately needed work. Shelters and rescues are FULL and one real way to help end the mass killing of innocent life and prevent animal suffering in shelters is to SPAY & NEUTER. This must be a priority in animal welfare because it is a real solution. Please support and get involved however you can.

#standupforpits #spayandneuterangelday2022 #angelforever
Thanks for doing a great job today @spaymemphis!! Keep up the good work!