We sent over $3,000 worth toys and treats to the Devore Shelter!

Tonight we sent just over $3000.00 worth of toys and treats to the DEVORE shelter dogs. We spoke directly to shelter supervisor Chris Covington and front desk employee Toni to get approval for what we are sending and were assured the dogs will get what we sent. We have provided enough treats and toys for all 125 dogs at this over capacity shelter. We have sponsored the care and helped save dogs from this place (most recently @miss.maggiemay_ ) and no dog deserves one day, one minute or one second of it, let alone to die there. We certainly hope the toys and treats will offer some kind of reprieve for these beautiful souls and we hope this inspires others to help shelter animals however and whenever they can and perhaps even get to this shelter or ANY shelter and save a life. These dogs deserve better than what our species is doing to them.
Follow @facesofdevoreandbigbear (on an Instagram) to view the beautiful lives desperate for immediate help at this facility and please share them.
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