This story is sickening and it needs to be seen and stopped. The owner of this dog reached out to us about this story. Read what she has to say below.
This dog has been kept in ISOLATION for 15 months. No baths, walks, sunlight…just a brief interaction with someone per day. It is animal cruelty and with shelters overflowing it’s negligent, irresponsible and sick to do this to any animal. Please email and/or call and make your voices heard. Enough is enough.
call 407-254-9150 to speak to Diane Summers. She is the Director of OCAS.
Mayor Demings can be reached at (407) 836-7370
Our dog Kenzo has been in isolation at Orange County Animal Services (FL) since July 1, 2021.
We are on our second appeal to save him from euthanasia with the 6th District Court of Florida.
We are hoping to share his story on your platform.
Instagram: @savekenzo1
This incident was never investigated by OCAS. He was declared dangerous and sentenced to euthanasia without investigation or behavioral evaluation.They have continuously denied Kenzo and medical treatment even though he was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before his confiscation. OCAS did not follow state law in their proceedings.
Thanks, beforehand, for your time to read this plea and help if you can.”
Michelle Deflorimonte
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