Another 39 pit bull type dogs were spayed and neutered in loving memory of Angel. Spaying and neutering is a real and viable solution to lowering shelter intake and kill numbers.
Please consider supporting our national Angel Day initiative by making a tax deductible contribution. If you’re unable to contribute funds, there is still so much everyone can do to end the horrific and needless loss of life happening to pit bull type dogs in this country daily. You can educate your friends, family, neighbors and strangers about the importance of not buying dogs and spaying and neutering. Let them know just one unaltered female dog and her offspring if also left unfixed can produce and estimated 67,000 pit bull type dogs over a six year period. If it sickens you to see dogs languishing and being killed in shelters then spaying and neutering should be the priority. Help someone get their dog fixed if they don’t have the means or transportation. Find out how you can volunteer at clinics and/or fundraise for clinics happening in your area. Support low cost clinic efforts by helping distribute flyers and if needed providing transportation to those who don’t have it. We are never going to rescue our way out of what is happening and dogs will keep being killed if spaying and neutering does not become our first line of defense. Discourage any and everyone you know from buying a dog, report backyard breeders and demand your local ACC officers and shelter heads enforce spay and neuter laws. There are some great laws in place and they are simply not being enforced which is exactly what is and has been happening in Los Angeles for years. These innocent and inherently good dogs deserve better. #standupforpits #angelforever #spayandneuterangelday2023 #arizona