22 more pit bull type dogs got spayed & neutered in loving memory of Angel in Tennessee!! We could not be happier to be helping the humans and hippos in this community though our Spay & Neuter Angel Day National initiative. Spaying and neutering is VITAL to lowering shelter intake and murder numbers. Things are out of control and as rescues and shelters struggle to keep up with the massive overpopulation problem countless inherently good dogs are languishing and being killed in shelters. This is preventable if we as a society make it a priority to spay and neuter dogs and enforce spay and neuter laws. Further breeding dogs of all kinds should be banned but until that happens we must focus on prevention and solutions which spaying and neutering is. If you’re heartbroken and outraged at how many dogs are suffering and dying in shelters then support this effort however and whenever you can. Come to our events, donate, buy merchandise and educate every human who is smart enough to listen and learn. We have to do better and can by supporting rescues, facilities and orgs spaying and neutering dogs.
Thank you to our friends at @sumnerspayneuteralliance for doing such a great job hosting Angel Days!