Dear Clarence A. Vappie (Mayor of Baldwin, Louisiana),
While you, your council members and law enforcement choose to enforce and support an uneducated fear based “ordinance” which targets pit bull “type” dogs or as you like to call them vicious and their owners we are spaying and neutering these INHERENTLY GOOD DOGS in Louisiana and have been for years. We just finished another 100 dogs. These good owners did the right thing because they were PROVIDED THE RESOURCES and opportunity to do so. How about you consider using your time, money and energy on helping the people and pets in your state by providing them free spay & neuters and resources so they can properly care for their pets who are FAMILY MEMBERS. Take time to educate yourself on just how amazing, loyal, loving, kind and funny these INHERENTLY GOOD dogs are instead of perpetuating fear based ignorance and using tax payer money to enforce hate. There are countless SOLUTIONS to help the good people and dogs in your state instead you choose to ban, discriminate and punish dogs and owners. It’s shameful and embarrassing. Your sheriffs department disabled comments on their threatening FB post which disallows people to be heard and is a violation of rights so we are going to continue to keep speaking about this and publicly announce that ANY person and dog effected by your “ordinance” can email our foundation and we will use our platform to give them a voice. You may be a small community thinking this will go away but we aren’t going to let it. Shelters and rescues are FULL. Dogs are being killed daily and now you want to add to that because of ignorance. It’s not okay. Time to wake up, listen and CHANGE.
Any information about the next council meeting, please post in comments. Tag media, senators & council members. Thank you. #standupforpits
Mayor : Clarence Vappie
Police chief : Anthony Gibson
City Attny: Joseph Tabb
Town hall address
Baldwin municipal building
800 Main Street
Baldwin, LA 70514
Mailing address
PO Box 800
Baldwin, LA
Phone : 337.923.7523
Fax: 337.923.7524
Additionally there is a “contact us” form at