Luther was found three days ago shot through the head with a bullet exit wound on his face. He had been fought, his arm brutally broken and left for dead. He is now with Bullock County Humane Society and we are going to fund his desperately needed medical care. He is young, very gentle and kind and loves humans because he (like all of them) was BORN INHERENTLY GOOD and even the evils of humanity could break him. We are going to see to it that he gets the care he needs and deserves and we will network him until a lucky human commits to loving Luther until death due them part. Dogfighting is rampant all over America and the horrors inflicted upon these poor souls is nothing short of hell on earth from beginning to the unthinkable end. Luther is going to get his chance because he and ALL OF THEM deserve it. SUFP will be funding all of Luther’s care including surgery, neuter, meds, treatment and testing for Babesia. He is a baby and has many more year of life to live and we are going to help him do that.
If you suspect or know someone is preparing to or is fighting dogs, please report it immediately. You should call law enforcement and report it to HSUS as well. The more evidence you have, the better. If your tip leads to arrest and/or conviction you could receive an up to $5,000 reward. Dogfighting is a societal issue and those who do it are a danger to all of us not just voiceless helpless dogs. They are two legged monsters and law enforcement needs our help in catching them. Dogfighting is done by all people of all ages in all tax brackets all over this country. If you believe it could never happen in your area, you are misinformed. It absolutely can. Pit bull type dogs are victims and instead of society focussing on the monsters doing this to them they instead further victimize the dogs by banning, wrongly vilifying and perpetuating fear based ignorance. The species making communities unsafe for humans and pets is OUR species.