PLEASE bring a shelter supply or two to the event from 3p-6p for the South LA Shelter animals. They are full and need our help. If you aren’t able to make it to the event to donate supplies today please consider doing your own shelter supply drives in your area. It is something everyone can do and should be doing.

Tonight’s show is going to be exceptional as they all are. We are grateful to everyone who is attending and who remains dedicated to helping save the lives of inherently good dogs. What continues to happen to pit bull type dogs in our country and around the world is not an “animal welfare” issue. It is a broken human/society issue and it’s on everyone to do their part if we are to make communities safer for humans and pets. Thank you to everyone who donated to our silent auction this year. Your effort is appreciated beyond words as are our incredible volunteers who show up year after year. Thanks to our incredible artist for making masterpieces for the stage which have become a staple at Stand Up For Pits events and to the kind and brilliantly talented comedians @sarahcolonna1 @debradg and @jonathankite who will be performing tonight and all the comics who have performed over the past 14 years to help velvet hippos. Angel’s life and legacy lives on is all the SUFP does and in all the ways we do it. SUFP doesn’t exist to serve humans who dump and disregard dogs. SUFP’s job 365 days a year is to save pit bull type dogs being wrongly vilified, abused, discriminated against and slaughtered simply because of what they look like and because humans continue to fail them daily. We do it our way alongside a community of doers that is like no other and we’re honored to be a part of it. More lives are saved when we all work together even when it’s not easy. We are all tired, frustrated and depleted but perfect souls are depending on us to keep going and having each other to lean on helps. We will see many of you tonight for some much needed laughs, community and an opportunity to help precious deserving dogs. #standupforpits #angelforever