Our 9th annual Spay & Neuter Angel Day program begins this month and will continue in cities across the country all year round. This year we will be adding more cities, spaying and neutering even more pit bull type dogs in underserved communities completely free of charge to their responsible pet parents.
If you would like to be considered to participate in this desperately needed effort email [email protected] to learn more. Participants must host the Angel Day event either through a 501c3 rescue or spay and nueter clinics and/or mobile units. The Spay & Neuter Angel Day program is pit bull “type” dog specific, meaning only pit bull type dogs are allowed to be spayed and neutered on Angel Days.
We want to thank all of you who support this massive effort. We have been able to provide our Angel Day template to another foundation who is now spaying & neutering all breeds in cities around the country. We want to once again encourage you all to support spay & neuter efforts however and whenever you can. Spaying and neutering is a real and viable solution to lowering shelter intake and kill numbers. Veterinarians are charging exuberant amounts of money to spay & neuter large dogs so low cost and free opportunities are vital to helping good humans and their hippos. Please spread the word when a free clinic is happening in your area. Volunteer, donate and even offer to help transport folks and their hippos who don’t have tranportation.
Thank you to Danielle for your dedication to helping save millions of pit bull type dogs by volunteering your time to this program. Thank you to Pam for donating your graphic design talents year after year with these beautiful posters. Thank you to all who donate, volunteer at these clinics with rescues and to all the responsible humans who show up and get their pit bull type dogs spayed & neutered. When given a chance to do the right thing, the majority of people will do it.
We look forward to another year of providing this solution and prevention driven effort so as to help end the suffering and needless loss of life that is happening every single day. #angelforever #standupforpits #spayandneuterangelday2024