Spay & Neuter Angel Day is one of our programs we are most proud of. As we continue this desperately needed national effort, we implore you all to support solution and prevention driven efforts however and whenever you can. We do not recieve government funding for this program. We rely solely on donations, people attending our live events and buying merchandise to fund these clinics and getting people excited about spay & neuter has been and remains a challenge. If you are unable to help with any of the aforementioned, please do your part by helping a neighbor who needs help getting their dog fixed, educating everyone you can about why it is vital to spay & neuter and report backyard breeders and those peddling puppies online. Things are dire nationwide and prevention is a real and viable way to end the slaughter of innocent life. We thank the amazing humans for taking the opportunity we provided them this week in TENESSEE and did the right thing by their dogs and society. #standupforpits #spayandneuterangelday2024 #spay #neuter #responsiblepetownership #solution #prevention

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Solution Thursday…
If the # 1 dog breed in animal shelters are Pit Bull Type Dogs, we should prioritize spaying/neutering these breeds.
That’s exactly what we do at SSNA!
We are incredibly grateful to our friends at the @standupforpitsfoundation! Through their initiative Spay & Neuter Angel Day 2024, they are sponsoring all of these 18 wonderful dogs’ surgeries, vaccinations, and microchips today. Thank you to their responsible humans. We love seeing how well this diverse group love and care for their pitties.
All of this is done in loving memory of one special velvet hippo, Angel.
Thank you Angel!
Thank you @standupforpitsfoundation!
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