THIS IS TODD. He was born inherently good and has repeatedly been failed by humanity in and outside of animal welfare. Mislabled, mistreated and forgotten. Well….not anymore because we SEE YOU TODD! This giant hearted unicorn gave up on life a few months ago but we are providing him love, attention, care, mental stimulation and he is finally learning to love himself which is amazing because we love him too. There are a million things to love about Todd. He is SO smart, eager to please, athletic, funny, loving, good in the car, good on the leash and desperately craves human connection. Todd is reactive to other dogs but manageable. When a dog does not care for other dogs all that is required is a RESPONSIBLE HUMAN. It is not a “bad” thing in fact there are countless magical unicorns who prefer to only be with two legged types. It makes no sense since factually, it’s two legged types who are the most unpredictable and dangerous but dogs don’t discriminate because they are better than people. We know there is a smart, capable, responsible two legged out there who’s life will be better with Todd in it.
This magical soul needs out of kennel life. Todd has struggled in this environment and should have never had to endure a single moment of suffering.
Just because he is not about to killed in the next 24 hours does not make his situation any less dire. In fact this is an extremely urgent situation because being kenneled causes him anxiety and almost cost him his life. Our job is to prevent suffering and him getting into a home environment will do just that. Please keep sharing and if you can foster or adopt please email [email protected].
Todd is located in the Los Angeles area. Again, he must and deserves to be the only hippo (pet) of the home. #standupforpits #save #todd #endabuse #responsible #rescue
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