Wednesday was tied to an abandoned crack house in Los Angeles and repeatedly abused by a homeless woman. LAAS was notified several times but never came to save her. Her body shows evidence she has endured severe blunt force trauma more than once, which is sickening to think about. Thankfully a good samaratin fed Wednesday then eventually reached out to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation about the hell she was living. Since Sept of 2023 SUFP has been sponsoring all of her life saving medical care, supplies, a clean diet and remain dedicated to networking her until a perfect loving home is found.
The pleas from people nationwide, local rescues and orgs for Staycee Dains, Mayor Karen Bass, Kevin Deleon and LAAS to remove the abused pit bull type dogs (and others) from Los Angeles streets continue to be ignored and many dogs like Wednesday are suffering in plain sight in Los Angeles as you read this.
Wednesday was born inherently good and loves all people even though they tried very hard to break her spirit and end her life. She is around 5yrs old, great with dogs large and small, cats and even loves the rain! She is up to date on shots, loves car rides, eating, farting and could not be funnier. Her DNA test came back pure bred magical unicorn.💫
If you would like to share your life with precious Wednesday please email [email protected]. Potential adopters will be required to travel to Los Angeles to meet her with or without pets.
Everyone please keep sharing Wednesday and Karen Bass, Kevin Deleon, LAAS and Staycee Dains you all can make a donation towards the over $20,000.00 worth of care the SUFP Foundation has provided Wednesday. All of which could have been avoided had any of you simply done your jobs.
📸 @animalia.tichuphotography