Come laugh while helping saving lives. Do it.

This is going to be an epic show! We will announce the brilliant comedians who will be gracing the stage end of May. Please take a moment and share this event poster. Every year our goal is to reach more people and challenge all those who attend to bring some folks who have never heard of it. One doesn’t have to be a pit bull type dog owner to support this cause. They simply need to support ending the killing, abuse and discrimination of inherently good sentient beings.

We have been supporting orgs, individuals and rescues for 14 years. It would be appreciated if all those who have and continue to recieve SUFP support would also give this a share. These events are how we are able to you and many others. Thank you.

Tickets for NEW YORK Stand Up For Pits are on sale NOW right here!

📣WE ARE IN NEED OF SILENT AUCTION ITEMS📣If you can donate anything to the NYC auction please email [email protected]. Thank you!

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