Todd was born inherently good and was repeatedly failed by humanity in and outside of animal welfare. He was mislabeled, mishandled and forgotten. A few months ago this giant hearted unicorn gave up on life and when we were made aware if his horrific situation and condition we immediately stepped in. After providing Todd with extensive medical care followed by months of mental stimulation, love and attention he came back to life and he could not be more magical. There are a million things to love about Todd. He is SO smart, eager to please, athletic, funny, loving, good in the car, good on the leash and desperately craves human connection.
TODAY after likely three years and living most of his life in a cage, Todd will finally get the human connection he has needed for so long and will finally be free. Today Todd is being adopted by an extraordinary human being who is going to love and respect Todd every day for the rest of his life. He will never be in a cage again, forgotten or made to languish in isolation. Todd will live the life he has always deserved on 11 acres of land that will be HIS.
Today we will share his adoption as he gets his final exit from the kennel with his new family. We could not be happier for this angel and thankful we were made aware of his suffering before it was too late.
And to the scum bag rescues who continue pulling dogs, gobbling funds on their behalf and then dumping then in boarding not providing them what they need, you are no better than the abusers and human garbage failing dogs daily. You are part of the problem, reckless, heartless and have no business being anywhere near animals.

#standupforpits #todd #wins #endabuse