This is what going from unseen, unloved and neglected to SEEN, LOVED and CARED FOR looks like.
VIOLA is doing amazing! She is eating, taking her meds, getting her weekly bath and as her body heals so does her mind. Her personality is showing more and more. She is silly, curious, playful, sweet and LOVES people despite how badly they’ve used, hurt and failed her. Her next big check up is this Friday and the hope is her lungs will be fully healed. Her nasal discharge is getting less and less and she doesn’t cough anymore. She is getting her chance at life and she loves it! Viola is yet another example how the evils of humanity could not break her spirit. She – like all of them – was born inherently good and remains that way. Keep sending her all the love you got. She has come a very very long way and we have faith she can and will have a full recovery.
Huge thanks to her dedicated foster mom’s Heather and Kylee for showing Viola what love, respect and dignity is by opening your home to foster. It’s incredible to see her absorbing all the love and attention which is giving her the strength and confidence to heal and become who she is. Thank you to Libby and Mad Mutts for making sure Viola gets what she needs and again to all of you who support this important life saving effort. We will keep you all updated on Viola’s progress and of course let you know the results of her checkup on Friday.