If you’re saddened, outraged and discouraged by seeing countless inncent dogs suffering then being killed in shelters, support spay and neuter efforts however and whenever you can. Prevention and solution driven programs are truly what needs to be and remain the focus. We are in crisis and spaying and neutering is one real and viable solution. A great way to save a shelter dog is not letting them get into the shelter system to begin with. Educate others. Help a neighbor, friend, family member or strangers get their dogs spayed and neutered. Offer to give them a ride, help them find a clinic, help raise money to get the dog fixed. Whatever it takes. Just ONE unaltered femaled fog and her offspring if also left unaltered can produce an estimated 67,000 dogs over a six year period. Spaying or neutering ONE dog saves countless lives. Please get excited about this and support however you can. Thank you!