This beautiful soul was killed at the Lancaster Shelter in Los Angeles along with many others and after the 4th of July many many more will lose their lives. Don’t unfollow and look away. Keep reading and then ask yourself what more can you do.
This mass killing of innocent dogs will not make front page news. There will be no outrage, rallies or marches sweeping the country. These sentient beautiful souls who simply want to love us, who are gifts to undeserving humans will be killed and thrown away like garbage. The mass murder off innocent dogs, broken humans, a broken society, shelter system and “leaders” who refuse to do their jobs or give aren’t clickbait. Instead when a dog reacts to human it’s front page national news with only part of the story ever known or told. Humans don’t like taking responsibility for any part of failing these dogs but will go to great lengths to blame & wongly vilify them.
The country is in a state of emergency. A crisis of epic proportions and this is preventable. Breeding needs to be banned. Spay and neuter laws enforced and backyard breeders prosecuted not just fined or warned. Garbage humans who dump dogs at shelters need to pay severe fines and be put on a NOT ALLOWED TO OWN A DOG list available to the public. Just like sex offenders are listed, so should animal abusers, backyard breeders, abusers and dumpers so we can all know who we live amongst. Dogs should not be seen or treated as “property” either. Because they are good samaratins risk legal actions if they try removing dogs being abused in plain sight. This is absolute bullshit. And all “leaders” at all levels who actively choose inaction and refuse to protect the animals in their municipalities should be removed from their posistions and face the exact punishment abusers face.
Pay attnention to who you vote for. Hold people accountable. Speak up and get involved. Do something. Anything. Every effort matters and we all have the power to make change.