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June 16, 2007

Angel’s Story

Angel was found on June 16th, 2007 running down the street in South Central Los Angeles with a male dog who had severe injuries. Animal control was called regarding the male dog, but Angel was found with him so they picked them both up. The male died from his injuries at the shelter. Angel’s ears had been horribly home cropped (cropping of ANY kind is NOT okay), chemical burns all over her back, and her tail appeared to have been previously broken, had been overbred, was filthy, and had puncture wounds all over her body, most likely from being a bait dog.

Angel is the inspiration and THE reason Stand Up For Pits (live events) and The Stand Up For Pits Foundation exists, and the reason the One Million PIBBLE March On Washington DC happened. Angel’s story and remarkable spirit changed the life of Comedian/Actress Rebecca Corry and Angel continues to change the lives of people around the world who meet or learn of her amazing story of survival. Rebecca refers to Angel as the “velvet hippo” and calls her a real life living Angel.

Rebecca adopted Angel after she had lived for 2 months in South Central LA Shelter and was brought back to life by other angels named Tomika Johnson and volunteer Katya Lidsky. Angel was considered a “leave alone” when she first arrived at the shelter and soon the staff fell madly in love with her.  Tomika constantly posted and made pleas for a rescue to come and get Angel from the shelter, then named, “Gina.” One plea said “this angel cannot die after living at the hands of monsters. Someone please come and get her.” Now red listed and at the 11th hour, a small LA based rescue pulled her. Angel was in foster care for 18 months and had two different fosters during that time.

Angel came to Rebecca July 9th 2008 after having just had her first of 3 TPLO surgeries as well as a lump on her back left leg Rebecca noticed right away. What Angel needed at this time was a place to heal without other dogs or distractions and a very quiet controlled environment, which Rebecca had. Angel was limping badly at the meet and greet and her wound was oozing. Later it was determined her knee was infected and she had to have a surgery to remove the plate. 6 months later her other knee blew out. Rebecca threw a benefit at a Comedy Club to raise the money for Angel’s 3rd TPLO surgery and it was a success. 6 months later the velvet hippo was bouncing around and living happily in her new forever home with Rebecca. Now, the lump on the back left leg seemed bigger. Rebecca got a second opinion and found out it was a grade 2 mast cell tumor and had to be removed. After that surgery the vet who did the surgery said she didn’t get wide enough margins and had to go back in to get wider margins.

9 surgeries, (one NOT needed) later and currently still battling mast cell disease, Angel is here and living life in the moment and to the fullest. Farting, snorting, eating, loving, barking, traveling and being a light and inspiration to millions. She is a gift to to this world and continues to educate, save lives and inspire change by being who and what she is. A PERFECT Pit Bull Terrier who, like all of them, are in fact born inherently good. Because of Angel and the experiences she and Rebecca have been through together, Rebecca believes in holding rescues accountable for their actions and empowering people to educate themselves and question veterinarians before overmedicating or suggesting procedures that may or may not need to be done. Because of the abuse Angel endured and discrimination, Rebecca has experienced first hand being Angel’s proud Pibble mom, thousands of dollars have been raised, many lives have been saved, and many minds changed through positive education.

Rebecca knows there is much work to be done and is dedicated to creating safe and humane communities for humans and pets by putting an end to abuse and discrimination. Angel is and will always be the reason for everything Rebecca does and Angel is living proof that saving one can change everything. Rebecca and Angel’s story teach us all that every single life matters and deserves the chance to be lived.

“Because of Angel, I live a purpose filled life. She is a gift and light in this world.  I love her so much, it hurts and  I’m honored to be owned by her.” – Rebecca Corry

Angel Today!

Tomika Johnson Rebecca Corry Angel Kissing Booth

Tomika Johnson, Rebecca Corry and Angel at the Los Angeles Stand Up For Pits kissing booth!


Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:20 pm

From Rita –

This is the second dog who has shown up at South LA recently with chemical burns on her back. Makes you wonder if some sicko is out there pouring caustic substances on dogs–maybe for losing dog fights? or maybe just for the fun of it? I hope we don’t start seeing more dogs showing up in this condition.

I have met this dog and she is quite wonderful. As always, I am amazed how these dogs can be so mistreated and still LOVE people. She is a total sweetheart. She is quite beautiful too.

From Tomika’s pics, it appears as if her back is healing nicely. Here is a pic of her chemical burns that I took a few weeks ago. Looks pretty painful, doesn’t it? Poor dog, I hope she gets her happy ending.
From Tomika

We have a fantastic dog (a Blue Cropped Eared Pit) that came in with Acid Burns down her back, she’s nearly healed now but unfortunately still at the shelter and not in a loving home.

We call her Gina (A879877), but I think her name should be Delight, she is Enchanting, Loving, and Exuberant…her energy will bring a smile to your face. The tolerance and forgiveness of abused dogs never ceases to amaze me, all that she has endured she still craves the love and attention of humans.

She is on the record as a Keep Alone, but I don’t know for sure, she has yet to be temperament tested by anyone. What I do know is that she is a DEFINITE people dog, she loves being out of her kennel giving and accepting love. She loves to lick faces and have her tummy rubbed, it is truly funny to watch her excitement level increase when she’s allowed to lick a person’s face.

She has been in the shelter since 6/16 and is healing nicely, but is STILL IN THE SHELTER. Several people have IP’s on her, and she is not currently on the Red List, but she has been and will be again if not rescued. Please save her if you can, we will all appreciate it, she is a shelter favorite one we want to see in a loving caring home.


Tomika Johnson
New Hope Coordinator
South Los Angeles Shelter