The SUFP Foundation is dedicated to ending abuse, discrimination and saving lives. While we know abuse, sadly, comes in far too many different forms, we are focusing on the dogfighting epidemic. And it is nothing less than that. A full blown epidemic, in a first world country, in 2016 no less.  It is absolutely unacceptable and it is time real attention, funds and programs be created in order to end this.

Dog fighting is EVERYWHERE. It happens in every community–done by all kinds, in all tax brackets, and all ethnicities. It is absolutely horrific. What these innocent souls endure is beyond comprehension. The kind of person who can abuse, torture, shoot, electrocute, rape, hang, drown, and fight dogs is exactly the type of person who is capable of doing the EXACT same thing to a human and we will continue screaming this at the top of our lungs. DOGFIGHTING IS EVERYONE’S problem. Where there is dog fighting there is other crime: drugs, violence, and weapons, to name a few. This epidemic is a direct reflection of a very broken society and our society’s answer is to BAN the VICTIM and deem that victim “inherently dangerous.” FACTUALLY there is NOT ONE THING on this planet more dangerous than a human being.

What can you do?


You can report anything you see that is suspicious. You can make it public (without sacrificing your safety), take photos, take video, and don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. If animal control or police don’t respond the first time, KEEP REPORTING it until they do. Understand that dog fighting rings take time to investigate, animal control officers are limited, and accept the fact that our society doesn’t make the ethical treatment of animals a priority. Knowing this, you will avoid almost immediate frustration and know that although this may be a difficult task, it can be handled and results can be seen.

DO NOT report dog fighting pages to Facebook or Instagram. They will remove the page, thus removing evidence that could lead to arrests. Report the pages to the Anti-Dog Fighting Campaign Facebook Page and to local authorities, if you are able to tell from the page where it’s located.

The HSUS tip line number is 877-TIP-HSUS. They offer a $5000 reward to tips leading to convictions.


Consider reaching out to like-minded members of your community and law enforcement. Try offering your support to their ACTF and see how you can help. When dogs are seized from these horrors they are held as evidence. Many don’t make it due to infection and not being able to overcome what they have endured, but many, many do make it. They are treated, decompressed, temperament tested, and placed into foster care through qualified rescues and eventually placed in to loving homes.

There is a desperate need for West coast rescues to partner with the HSUS on accepting seized dogs into their rescues through their DRC program. If you are a rescue interested in that, please reach out to the HSUS.

This a massive conversation, as this is a massive epidemic with many moving parts, and frankly, one that greatly angers us.  We are TIRED of seeing these inherently good lives (most often times Pit Bulls) being taken and then being vilified.  It is absolutely unacceptable.

And… if you are reading this and thinking, “this doesn’t happen in my neighborhood” or “this is something that only low income people or people in the South do”, you are WRONG! There are nurses, veterinarians, white collar executives, and pro athletes engaging, running, and participating in rings. They do it for the rush, for the money, and some because they truly believe Pit Bulls “love, want, and need to fight, and they can’t feel pain.” They are sociopaths and it is well past the time where this needs to be taken seriously and made a priority. We have a right to live in communities that are safe for humans and pets.

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