The past two years have been extremely difficult for those working in the nonprofit sector due to Covid. We have sadly seen rescues across the country have to take in less dogs due to lack of funds, resources, volunteers and staff. Some have been forced to shut their doors permanently. Lay offs, the massive influx of animals being dumped at shelters and the compassion fatigue and exhaustion felt by those in this never ending battle to save lives has had devastating effects on the dogs. Cities cutting spay & neuter budgets and lack of resources to combat backyard breeding, abuse, neglect and homeless animals only compounds the problem. It has been hard for all of us, so in an effort to help The SUFP Foundation will be giving $10,000.00 in Angel Grants to PIT BULL TYPE DOG rescues in need across the US. Each grant will be $1000.00 to be used for Spay & Neuter or high medical needs dogs. If you are a 501c3 pit bull type dog rescue in need of help, please go to and fill out our grant application. Some of the questions will not apply since we have specified how the funds must be used but please include as many details as possible. Thank you!



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