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2014 Stand Up For Pits

Nov 2nd Hollywood Improv 7p Show-Hollywood CA-SOLD OUT!!!

Nov 2nd Hollywood Improv 9:30p Show-Hollywood CA 

Dec 7th Tacoma Comedy Club-Tacoma WA

2015 Stand Up For Pits

Tacoma WA (date tbd)

Salt Lake City (date tbd)

Dallas TX (date tbd)

Chicago IL (date tbd)

Indianapolis IN (date tbd)

Hollywood CA (date tbd)

Arlington VA (date tbd)

New York NY (date tbd)




  • A huge thank you to Fred Kray of PitBulletin Legal News. Fred is a wise and much needed voice for our beautiful breed and one of the first people in the animal community to support the PIBBLE March.  I'm honored to be the recipient of the 2014 PBLN Wallace Award. Sharing company with past recipients like Wallace the Pit Bull and @downtowndogrescue is awesome. There is a ton of work that needs to be done and I truly believe if we work together we can and will end the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull Terriers. Angel was, is and will always be the inspiration for everything myself and the SUFP Foundation does. I'm dedicating this award to her and all like her.

Pit Bulletin Legal News (PBLN) has named Rebecca Corry the winner of the 2014 Wallace Award. PBLN presents this annual award to the individual that brings the most positive attention to pit-bull-type dogs and generates an atmosphere of change throughout the year.
PBLN chose Rebecca Corry because she had the audicity to look beyond the divisions in the pit bull advocacy community and endeavored to bring people together. She single handedly put together an event—The One Million Pibble March—that showed how much people support pit bulls and inspired people to travel from all over the country to meet and share their passion. She did this with neither a guarantee of success, nor funding, nor overwhelming support from the advocacy world. Further, after the event was over, she continued to advocate for pit bulls through her Stand Up for Pits Foundation.
#endabuse #educate #angel #advocate #standupforpits #pibblemarch #endbsl #betheirvoice #truth ❤️

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  • Enjoy this Pet360 Stand Up For Pits video!!!

    Enjoy this Pet360 Stand Up For Pits video!!!

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    The MARCH ON WASHINGTON and ANGEL made the FRONT PAGE of the HUFFINGTON POST TODAY!!!!! The White House came out against targeting Pit Bulls and BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and the Huffington Pos...

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    Read my NEW interview on Cesar Millan’s,!!

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WATCH THIS!!!! We learned about precious Maggie from Instagram’s @Noelaniig, who ranks as one...

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NEW first ever little “Softie”!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly introduce to you the first ever little “Softie!” This is...

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FBI makes cruelty to animals a much needed priority!

Like many of you, the HSUS and other groups, The Stand Up For Pits Foundation repeatedly-every chanc...

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PLEASE take a minute to read and share.

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We love and support the Ghetto Rescue Foundation.

Meet PENELOPE SWEET PICKLES!!! We were made aware of this precious hippo and the awesome rescue who...

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Today we honor and remember the hero dogs of 9/11

Today we remember and honor the many hero dogs of 9/11 who were called into action that day. Search...

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PetSmart DISCRIMINATES against “Pit Bull type” dogs.

PetSmart has been supporting this “policy” for YEARS and it’s time it ends. TO DIS...

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Nov 2nd Stand Up For Pits has added an LA Shelter DONATION DRIVE!!!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a Shelter Donation Drive to the upcoming Stand Up For Pi...

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Rebecca Corry nominated for BARKIE award!!

Hey Pibble peoples!!!! Rebecca Corry has been nominated for a BARKIE in the “Dog Loving Human...

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Heartbreaking SUFP Foundation update

Just over a week ago, our dear friend Sam who runs Instagram’s “Pitbullsofinstagram...

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